Wilh. Willumsen’s key focus is on our customers. We are not tied to any plastic producers, but we use our extensive network of well renowned plastic producers to find just the right materials in view of quality, cost and availability for our customers.

With our broad product portfolio, we at Wilh.Willumsen believe that our strength lies in the fact that we can supply all kinds of materials from Polyolefins to PEEK. In addition we have many standard products in stock for direct delivery from our warehouses in Norway and Sweden.

• Good financial track record.
• A pallet with more than 60 different polymers to choose from.
• One of few suppliers which can offer almost all polymers. From Polyolefin’s to PEEK.
• Warehouse facilities in Helsingborg and Oslo.

In summary, we offer customers access to our long experience, high level of service and broad product portfolio.

We don’t just sell you a product, we sell you a solution.