Whether you need dazzling color for a consumer item, simple color coding for an industrial device, or a performance enhancing additive, we are your best choice for quality masterbatch products, whether your choice is a standard, universal, or custom color or additive masterbatch.

Our understanding of plastics coloring comes from working with every polymer from polyolefins to PEEK. This history and experience allow us to produce masterbatches using the best technologies available in pigments, carriers, and processing.

We can color any resin you select to the exact color you request because our extensive specialty product portfolio
Our experience that comes from routinely working with over 60 different polymers types in combination with 100s of performance additives we guarantees that your color will match your approved standard during every production run.

These compounds can also incorporate flame retardant additives, wear additives, reinforcements, and colorants for a custom solution to meet your exact application requirements.

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