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Masterbatch med kort leveringstid fra Wilh. Willumsen

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Vi kan skaffe fargemasterbatch fra egen produksjon med både EVA og PELD bærer med kort leveringstid.

Vi foretrekker å produsere høykonsentrerte masterbatcher  som gjør at tilsetningsprosent blir lav.

EVA bærer masterbatch kan brukes til alle polyolefiner, PS SAN og ABS.


Vi kan matche en farge innen 24 timer!

Vi kan lagerføre ett buffertlager i Oslo etter avtale om nødvendig

For å kunne gjøre en ordentlig match trenger vi en masterbatchprøve av den masterbatch du bruker eller ett RALnr

Så sender vi deg ett uforbindtlig tilbud.

Vi lagerfører en mengde HVITE og SVARTE masterbatcher i Oslo. Spørr oss om ett tilbud.


Vi lagerfører følgende masterbatcher i Oslo:

MB 0034                           UV masterbatch til peld eller PP

MB 1080                            hvit EVA 80% tio2

MB 3141                              lysegrå RAL 7035 EVA

MB 3137 UV                       graphitegrå peld RAL 7024

MB 4142                              rød RAL 3020 peld

MB 7124                              knallgul peld

MB 7147                              gul RAL 1023

MB 8124                              grønn RAL 6032 peld

MB 9186                              blå RAL 5017 peld

MB 9212                              Blå MB NCS S 3560-R80B peld

1400584                               Orange ca RAL 2003 peld

1800563-E                           Brun masterbatch peld PMS 4725C

190826                                 Sort peld matvaregodkjent

190068                                 sort peld 50% sot

19832                                   Sort økonomi type peld              

19258                                   Sort EVA 50% srf

11999                                   hvit 75 tio2 peld

102232                                 smøremiddel process masterbatch

SI 803                                   silikon masterbatch

UC BA 1006                        blåsemiddel masterbatch universal


Vi kan også skaffe masterbatch med andre bærere for eksempel PC, TPU eller pvc bærer, både til myk og stic pvc, eller en anne bærer, gjennom vårt samarbeid med Colourtone

Wilh.Willumsen expands with PVC Masterbatches

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Wilh.Willumsen starts coperation togheter with Colourtonnes, and expanding our masterbatch portfolio further to our Nordic costumers.

Set up in July 1996 Colour Tone Masterbatch is a highly successful business in a market that continues to be dominated by multinationals.

Colour Tone is recognised as an innovative company that focuses on delivering a responsive, high quality service for bespoke colours, in universal, commodity and engineering polymers, as well as custom additive blends.

We deliver custom colours to an exact match in less time than it takes to get a standard off-the-shelf universal product because we maintain a high level of production flexibility which enables us to move quickly as demands change.

Our masterbatch materials are suitable for use in most plastics processes including injection and blow moulding, profile and sheet extrusion as well as film and fibres. As such they add market presence and competitive edge through unique, vibrant colours as well as physical properties and processing benefits that contribute to the successful performance of many products.

Our laboratory facilities and modern plant give us the flexibility to meet customer demands for colour matching and sampling through to manufacture and the tools to develop new products.

Forget standard colours and universal products. We can develop and produce custom colour and additive masterbatches in commodity and engineering polymers in the same time frame, or less, than it takes to source a universal product

Wilh.Willumsen expand with Bada Gmbh

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Wilh.Willumsen starts coperation togheter with Bada Gmbh, and expanding our product portfolio further to our Nordic costumers.

Bada AG was established in 1997 in Bühl/Baden and is privately owned. They develop, produce and sell high quality special compounds based on technical plastics. Bada Hispanaplast in Huesca became the company’s first foreign factory in Spain. 2007 was also the year the Bada Group went into operation with two of the world’s most advanced compounding works, and has a production capacity of about 30,000 tons per year after the last technological expansion. Our last balance sheet shows a net turnover of about 72 million euros. Our distinctive, high quality specialty compounds are meanwhile exported to over 50 countries throughout the world.