Wilh.Willumsen AS is a Norwegian private owned company that was founded back in 1878 and became a limited company in 1940. Among others, Wilh.Willumsen has a complete range of Thermoplastic Polymers, Additives and Masterbatches which we provide through our extensive network of suppliers built up over the years. We represent a large variety of principals and products within the thermoplastic and silicon/composites/adhesives industries and cooperate with some of the best players in the market in order to offer our customers innovative and tailor made solutions.
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Wilh.Willumsen also supplies its own branded products like Wilprop® a halogen free Polypropylene compounds, Willamid® a complete range of Polyamide compounds and Wilflam® which is a halogen free flame-retardant active substances. To serve our customers in a fast and efficient manner, Wilh.Willumsen carries a full range of Thermoplastic Polymers and Masterbatches on stock in Oslo and Helsingborg.

Wilh.Willumsen is always searching for innovative and competitive solutions for our valued customers. Our Oslo office primarily serves our Norwegian customers, wheras our sales force in Sweden primarily serves the markets in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Baltic States. Wilh.Willumsen’s aim and strategy is to become one of the leading Scandinavian Thermoplastic distributors. We are one of few suppliers who can offer almost all Thermoplastic Polymers, from Polyolefines to PEEK.