Wilh. Willumsen has supplied the Norwegian and Scandinavian industry for many years with many different chemicals, like calcium chloride (CaCl2) and PTSA (paratoluene sulphonic acid), to name a few.  Below is a list of chemicals that we readily supply, either from stock in Norway, or from stock in Europe.

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16000kg Acetic Acid Gl.99.8 % tech
12800kg Acetone
18000kg Adipic Acid 99.7 %
24000kg Aluminium Sulfate 17 %
25000kg Ammonium Bi Carbonate
25000kg Ammonium Chloride 99.5 %
27000kg Barium Carbonate 99 %
18000kg Barium Chloride 98 %
20000kg Benzoic Acid Techn
25000kg Borax Deca Hydrate powd
25000kg Borax Penta Hydrate Powd
22000kg Boric Acid 99 %
14400kg Butyl Acetate N-
15200kg Butyl Alcohol N-
15200kg Butyl Glycol
15200kg Butyl Glycol Acetate
18000kg Calc.Hypo Chlorite 65 %
14000kg Calc.Hypo Chlorite 70 %
22500kg Calcium Carbide 50_80 -2
24150kg Calcium Carbonate 98 %
23500kg Calcium Chloride 74 %
23000kg Calcium Chloride 94-96 %
22000kg Calcium Formate 98 %
27000kg Caustic Soda Flakes 99 %
27000kg Caustic Soda Pearls 99 %
18000kg Chrome Sulfate Basic 33 %
25000kg Citric Acid Anh.BP-USP
25000kg Citric Acid Mono BP 8-40
24000kg Copper Sulfate Penta Techn
15200kg Cyclohexane
15200kg Cyclohexanol
15200kg Cyclohexanone
24000kg Di Ammonium Phosphate Te
16000kg Di Butyl Phthalate
17600kg Di Ethanol Amine
18800kg Di Ethylene Glycol
16000kg Di Octyl Phthalate
22050kg Di Sodium Phosphate Anh.Te
25000kg Di Sodium Phosphate Techn
16400kg Ethyl Acetate
12800kg Ethyl Alcohol 96 %denat
15200kg Ethyl Glycol
15600kg Ethyl Glycol Acetate
22400kg Ferric Chloride 40 % sol
27000kg Ferrous Sulfate Hepta 18-20%
20672kg Formaldehyde 37-40 %
24000kg Formic Acid 85 %
23000kg Fumaric Acid Food – Fcciv
20000kg Furfural
19200kg Furfuryl Alcohol
20000kg Glycerine USP
12320kg Hexane
20000kg Hydrated Lime 94-97 %
25160kg Hydro Chloric Acid 30-33 %
21600kg Hydrogen Peroxide 50 %
20000kg Iso Butyl Acetate
15200kg Iso Butyl Alcohol
12800kg Iso Propyl Alcohol
23000kg Lithopone 30%
20000kg Magnesium Sulfate MgO 25
22000kg Maleic Anhydride 99.5 %
21000kg Manganese Sulfate 7H2O
12800kg Methanol
14800kg Methoxy Propanol
15600kg Methoxy Propyl Acetate
12800kg Methyl Ethyl Ketone
15200kg Methyl Glycol
12800kg Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone
21600kg Methylene Chloride
22000kg Mono Ammonium Phosphate
17200kg Mono Ethanol Amine
18800kg Mono Ethylene Glycol
25000kg Mono Potassium Phosphate
20000kg Mono Propylene Glycol Tec h
16800kg Mono Propylene Glycol USP
17600kg Mono Sodium Phosphate Anh.
25200kg Nitric Acid 42
24000kg Oxalic Acid 99.5 %
17500kg Paraffine Oil Light BP/Cosm
20500kg Paraffine Wax 58-60 Fullref
20000kg Paraffine Wax 60-62 FullRef
21000kg Pentaerythritol 98 %
15480kg Per Chloro Ethylene
23975kg Phosphoric Acid 85 %
19000kg Phthalic Anhydride 99.5 %
24000kg Potassium Bi Carbonate
17500kg Potassium Carbonate 99 %
23000kg Potassium Hydroxide 88-90 %
22000kg Potassium Nitrate 99.4 %
16800kg Propyl Acetate N-
13200kg Propyl Alcohol N-
24000kg Sodium Acetate Cryst 58-60 %
25000kg Sodium Acid Pyro Phosphate
20000kg Sodium Benzoate Bp 98 Gran
27000kg Sodium Bi Carbonate Food
25000kg Sodium Carbonate Dense
25000kg Sodium Carbonate Light
25000kg Sodium Citrate Trihydrate
18000kg Sodium Diacetate
24000kg Sodium Formate 95 %
25000kg Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphat
21000kg Sodium Hydro Sulfide 70 %
21000kg Sodium Hydro Sulfite 88 %
25000kg Sodium Meta Bi Sulfite 65 %
25000kg Sodium Meta Silicate Penta
22000kg Sodium Nitrate 99 %
20000kg Sodium Nitrite 99 %
1900kg Sodium Per Borate 10 %
13000kg Sodium Saccharin
25000kg Sodium Silico Fluoride 98 %
21000kg Sodium Sulfate 99.5 %
25000kg Sodium Sulfite 96-97 %
22000kg Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate T 2e5chPnPB 82
14000kg Solvent Naphta A/100
14000kg Stearic Acid Triple Pr.
14400kg Styrene Monomer
23000kg Sulfamic Acid
24624kg Sulfuric Acid 66 Be=96 %
14800kg Tetra Hydro Furane 95 %
22000kg Tetra Potassium Pyrophosph
13600kg Thinner Petsol-1 Universal
13600kg Thinner Petsol-3 Universal
17000kg Thiourea 99 %
22000kg Titanium Di Oxide
22000kg Titanium Di Oxide
14400kg Toluene
22400kg Tri Chloro Ethylene
25000kg Tri Sodium Citrate Bp Dihydr.
25000kg Tri Sodium Phosphate 19 %
25000kg Urea 46 % Min.Prilled Fe
16600kg Vaseline-White Petr.Jelly
12400kg White Spirit 17 %
14400kg Xylene
26000kg Zinc Chloride 98 %
22000kg Zinc Oxide 99.0 %
21000kg Zinc Oxide 99.5 %
25000kg Zinc Sulfate Hepta 21.5 %